Why You Need a Methodology Section in Your Dissertation

Why You Need a Methodology Section in Your Dissertation

A methodology section is arguably one of the most demanding tasks that most students handle in their studies. As a result, the process can be overwhelming when it comes to writing this section of a dissertation.

It follows then that the complexity of a dissertation is even more pronounced when you consider that you are required to present a well-researched, comprehensive, and up-to-date set of procedures to investigate your research questions.

Your method of conducting your research must also tackle two crucial aspects. On the one hand, you must discuss the hypotheses you have formulated and how they relate to your research questions. On the other hand, you have to provide accurate and relevant data that you have collected. From here, you will then break down the methods you have used to establish the necessary matches between your study question and the research hypotheses.

In this regard, the methodology section of your dissertation will focus on explaining the different planning techniques and their outcomes for the research. In other words, you need to provide a proper description of how you developed a suitable strategy for conducting your research.

Since your dissertation will be going through the lengthy rubric of APA formatting, you need to ensure that you are developing the document in the recommended manner. As such, you must also ensure that you remain consistent with the formatting style required in your area of study. As such, you should only reference the sources you used when writing the methodology section of your dissertation.

Defining the Sections of the Methodology Section of Your Dissertation

Just as there are numerous ways of defining the procedures in an essay, so too does there exist a similar structure when it comes to the methodology section of your dissertation.

As such, any given dissertation’s methodology section will always start off with an explanation of the procedures. As such, this section will then provide the theoretical framework from which you would like to conduct your research. Nevertheless, this does not constitute the only section of your methodology chapter.

The remaining sections of your methodology chapter will attempt to address the practical application of your study. As you would expect, each of the subsections will then briefly describe their respective processes. In other words, you must then explain each of the key occurrences and functions that your research sought to address. You must then summarize your respective approaches by then tying them to the relevant theoretical framework.

In summary, your dissertation methodology section should offer a sound justification of the strategies you have employed to conduct the research. It must also include:

  • A detailed account of how you came to develop the proposed research and the research goals that you sought to meet through your writing.
  • An overview of the key concerns that you had to overcome while conducting the research.
  • The statistical approach that you had to take while conducting the research.

To ensure that you achieve a quality methodology section in your dissertation, make sure to undertake intensive research. Go through as many methodology examples as you can. Take note of the key points you wish to include in your dissertation, and then begin writing the methodology section of your dissertation.

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